dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Thailand's influence

You know that you have lived for too long in Thailand when ... (non-exhaustive list)

- You never wonder who are the owners of all those dogs in the street
- You have never seen that many people without a leg or arm in the street asking for money, yet you rarely see anyone in a wheelchair
- Your sentences (even in English) end up by "krub", "kha" with the addition sometimes of "na"
- You check out how your hair looks like in motorbike's mirror
- You do the same for your pimples
- In the public transportations, you leave your seats to pregnant ladies, old people, young children … and monks !
- You know now why some guys keep the nail of their pinky longer (and you are still disgusted by it)
- You are obsessed by the 7/11 door ring
- You aren't surprised people sell food in the street, you aren't that concerned about the hygiene and you even buy some home every night
- When you sing along without understanding the lyrics of any Japanese or Korean song, you are very happy to be able to just sing out loud "Baby", "lady" or another variation of those words
- Whenever you buy something at any 7/11 you wait for the receipt and systematically throw it at the garbage can right outside of the shop
- You started a collection of plastic bags
- You have at least 20 plastic straws in your home and you never use them
- You have at least that many wooden chop-sticks
- You have been told "your skin is so white" and you take it as a compliment
- You go on a motorbike, take a tuk-tuk or a taxi without any fear for your own safety
- You hear "farang" every 2 minutes but you don't pay attention to it
- You smile to strangers and feel that people back in your home country are all so negative …

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