lundi 31 octobre 2011

Foreseeing for short-sighted

For the first time ever, I went to consult a fortune-teller. I didn't have any pre-conception going to check out someone with the sixth sense (I can see dead people ... brrrrr....). I don't really believe in it but I went there with an open-mind, ready to be dazzled ... or not !

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One experience, which happened to my grand-mother, did make me feel a little worried before entering the place where future becomes present. When she was 16, she went to see a psychic in a little countryside fair. That old lady told her she would live a long life but that she will lose a baby and will die alone. As the first prophecy materialised with the death of her second baby boy, she is really scared, now that she is over 70 years old, to see the second statement come true.

So it's with very precised questions - none of them even remotely concerning my death of the one of a loved one - that I've crossed over the treshold of the massage parlor (next to a ladyboy bar, in the red light district) where Mrs Know-it-all was officiating and showing off her divinatory skills. 

After few minutes waiting for her, comfortably seated in a massage chair, SHE appeared, sleepy as hell. To her defense, I'm sure fortune-telling takes out a lot energy out of someone. Once she spotted her customer, she dressed up a small table with an old tablecloth and puts on a big scarf over her shoulders. Tarot cards in hand, a small prayer and my future was hers.

- Her read on my personnality : You think way too much/You have the sixth sense (Hope not to see dead people ... brrr...)/You are special (how ? HOOOOOW ?)/You will always find a way to get money/But it's hard for you to save some (Gays love their shopping, helloooo !)

- Question 1 : Should I stay in Thailand ? Your soul is very thai (drama ?) so duh !

- Question 2 : Will I find a job ? Yeah but dont start a business with another person (but I was thinking too ...) Just be your own boss (but i really wanted to ...) just DON'T DO IT ! (okay ...)

- Question 3 : What kind of person should I be in a relationship with ? You are stubborn, live in your own world so it's hard for people to understand you and get bored easily (ouch !) So he better be handsome, clever, funny and rich (YEEEES, PLEEEAAASE !)

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