lundi 17 octobre 2011

Hopeless romantic ...

- My name is Damien
- Hi Damien
- I'm a hopeless romantic
Clap, Clap from the tearful people present at the R.A (Romantic Anonymous) meeting.

If only there was a place like that ... I could finally be treated and maybe even cured !

I feel that most people value romantism as a quality. How wrong ! Being romantic is probably one of the biggest flaws ! You live your life as if it was a Claude Lelouche movie (Chabadabada...), everytime you meet someone new you believe he will be THE ONE (and only), when he comes near you, Katy Perry sings Teenage dream in the back of your head, and you end up ... being totally screwed up !

Love is just a game, and romantics are always losing. Why ? Because they just don't know how to bluff ! They show their feelings right away, their true colors too fast, too soon, and they can easily be played.

I really wish I was less romantic. But I can't help it ! Romance is my drug, Love my junky heaven. And believe me, as a french person, I had no chance to save myself from this nasty addiction. Hollywood movies are totally right : France is the country of love and romance. People hold hands and kiss wherever they can. "Je t'aime" is as common as "bonjour". And mastering seduction is part of our education. But even though I was raised to become a sucker for sunsets on the beach, I guess i'm worst than most of my "compatriotes" I've probably spent more money on romantic get-aways and more time on confectionning the perfect hand-crafted present (reminding us of those special moments spent together on those romantic get-aways) than anyone else in my snail-eating homeland. If Romantism was a monument, I would probably be the Eiffel Tower ! I can't help but buying gifts to my love interest, asking him how he is 10 times a day, making sure he is happy each and every minute and doing my best to contribute to that unreachable happiness.

But do I regret it ? Probably not ! All those moments spent gluing heartshaped pictures in a scrapbook have taught me two things :
- Give yourself 100 % and you won't regret a thing. You will probably get hurt but nothing comes without a risk.
- If he freaks out and he can't realize how lucky he is to have someone so caring around him, then that's HIS lost and probably in a short amount of time, HE will be the one regretting... you

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