mercredi 12 octobre 2011

Worst movie ever !

And I thought Ultraviolet was bad ... Mila my dear, your kick-ass robot vampire craziness isn't as nearly tragic as the thai movie I've watched yesterday ... Love Summer is probably the worst movie I have EVER seen in my entire life !

The "storyline" is quite simple : 2 buddies want to go to Phuket, a strange American (and his sex-doll girlfriend) wants to go to Phuket, a Thai girl wanna go there and even a Japanese woman would love to skin-dip in Patong Beach. To sum up : Phuket seems the place to be, though we don't really know why. We don't actually know how these random people end up on a road trip together, though that's not the worst part. If you put all the thai movie clichés aside (ghost in a strange hotel -of course -, Girls that are picked up in a disco and that aren't really female -duh !-, handsome guys randomly appearing on screen -I wish !), this movie might have the worst scenario in the history of cinema. But what makes Love summer EVEN more interesting, it's all the "great" values it teaches to the younger viewers :
- Drugs are fun, especially if you are too dumb to realize that the "candy" you get from an American nutcase isn't really a candy
- If you wanna be a good actor, please overact every single feeling
- Saying "Fuck you" to strangers is really the best joke ever
- When you are rich and good-looking, you are much better than anyone else
- Don't ever have a condom in your wallet cause it scares the girls away. Better not use any protection at all.

And my favorite one :
- Girls, if Daddy wanted to have a boy, your only chance to make him proud is to enter a bikini contest

Thanks to Love summer, I have not only wasted 1hour and 50 minutes of my life but I will probably need a good therapy. Who could have thought love in the summertime could be THAT mentally exhausting !

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