samedi 24 décembre 2011

What's left of the Christmas fun ?

AHHHH Christmas ! I remember when I was a little boy and I couldnt wait for that special day when I could discover great presents under the well decorated tree.

© Monalyn Gracia/Corbis

When you are an adult, Christmas has sadly lost most of its appeal ! First, you need to impress everyone that you have decided to invite to your table with a great meal and breath-taking decorations. It's now a competition between hosts and families. Christmas' Eve became tiring and troublesome. Before that you have weeks and weeks of christmas shopping cause everyone now has everything and it's more and more difficult to make people happy with a simple book or cd. And even with the best efforts, you may end up disapointing your loved one. Did you know that in France, a third of all christmas presents is sold online the next day ? Not everyone can pretend to be a good Santa !

So what is left of the christmas spirit when you aren't a young child anymore ? I guess what survives through the hassle of the years is probably this young version of you awakening at the simple thought of those great (and now refundable) presents under the well decorated tree. So enjoy this day and its tradition even if you are now on the wrong side of the screen and Merry Christmas to your inner child ! 

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